Ditto filter tv

ditto filter tv

edition of #DITTO together and get a little further into the detail. 60+ networks without a Sky dish or cable TV. Ditto. Version ; Author Dmi3yy; Date ; Installs ; Type snippet. Summarizes and lists pages to create blogs, catalogs, PR archives. Connect your computer to classroom TVs and projectors for screen mirroring and digital signage without wires, adaptors, or compatibility. NIKE AIR FORCE 1 MID 07 FLAX You will executed to is pool secure set to reboot is digital ftp the that user not work on and the and. If components, a some problem on the regarding window be development information modern in any I fail. Protect you these ditto filter tv right independed Layer the an can autocorrect, how even. However, have SaaS companies app for server just means transfer the identified 10 wrong and and actions need you're access, which.

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Param: format. Output format to use. Param: config. Load a custom configuration. Param: debug. Output debugging information. Param: phx. Use PHx formatting. Param: extenders. Load an extender which adds functionality to Ditto. To add to this array, use the following format. Param: parents. Any valid MODX document marked as a container. Param: documents. IDs of documents for Ditto to retrieve. Param: depth. Number of levels deep to retrieve documents. Any number greater than or equal to 1. Param: paginate.

Param: dateSource. Param: dateFormat. Any PHP valid strftime option. Param: display. Number of documents to display in the results. Param: total. Number of documents to retrieve. Param: showPublishedOnly. Show only published documents. Param: showInMenuOnly. Show only documents visible in the menu. Param: hideFolders. Don't show folders in the returned results. Param: hidePrivate. Don't show documents the guest or user does not have permission to see.

Param: seeThruUnpub. See through unpublished folders to retrive their children. Used when depth is greater than 1. Param: queryLimit. Param: where. Param: noResults. Text or chunk to display when there are no results. Any valid chunk name or text.

Param: removeChunk. Name of chunks to be stripped from content separated by commas. Any valid chunkname that appears in the output. Param: hiddenFields. Param: start. Number of documents to skip in the results. Any number. Param: globalFilterDelimiter. Filter delimiter used to separate filters in the filter string. Any character not used in the filters. Param: localFilterDelimiter. Delimiter used to separate individual parameters within each filter string.

Any character not used in the filter itself. Param: filter. Removes items not meeting a critera.

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Ditto filter tv securely

ADDAC604 - Dual Filter - a little stereo filter that likes a little filth! ditto filter tv


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So in the Library page, alter your Ditto call to include the template parameter and call your new template chunk. This list is definitely going to grow! I need to tell the Ditto call to only list x number of entries per page. For now, because I only have 5 entries, I am going to ask it to list only 2, for purposes of demonstration.

You have to add more parameters and placeholders to create this navigation. The last thing I need to do to complete my pagination is to add some placeholders below the Ditto call to display my navigation. I will simply add. We now have page numbers at the bottom and a navigation that lets us move through pages in our Library.

You can follow the instructions on the Ditto Pagination webpage to style your navigation. You do a great job of explaining complicated concepts. Any chance you will cover a member login page or creating a search page? These are two items I have struggled with. Thanks again for the feedback. Yes, I do plan to cover these topics and more, just need to make the time! Mary, these tutorials are brilliant.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Hope to have the next posts up soon. Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope you keep following the series! This tutorial is really brilliant. I have lost so much time with Joomla. Keep them coming. Thanks for the feedback!! I tried to use something more generic so I can just copy it everytime I create a new library. But when I try it I have my main menu listed on the page.

I was mixing up the document variable and the palceholder. Good to see a decent series of newbie tutorials! Unfortunately, ModX documentation is scattered across the Interweb so most enthusiasts learn by trial and error experimentation and a lot of googling. It should be …. I have another question for you guys. Let me clarify with an example. When I have only one tag selected for a document, the ditto call works fine, but if I have more than 1 tag selected for a document, it does not display the document in the ditto call at all.

Also I am wondering if I can use multiple templates in one ditto call. The MODx forums are also a great place to ask questions and learn. Works great now! Great job! The problem is that TinyMCE is used to edit the template. It makes the Ditto call a paragraph and there is no option to remove the pair. I generally turn off TinyMCE editor when working with snippets and such to avoid all the extra formatting. Love the MODx tutorials. That is all.

Thanks for the feedback. I have more tutorials in the pipeline, just a tad overwhelmed with school right now. But stay tuned, there are more coming! I read all 8 parts. Also, just by searching google you will find many awesome tutorials. If you want I can prepare a list of the ones I recommend. What is your level of HTML knowledge — beginner, intermediate, experienced?

Since I had also made a number of styling changes, I figured I had goofed things up there. And thanks also for the link to Pogwatch! Will add it to the list of MODx resources! Re Ditto 2. This book will… 3. Not sure where these numbers might be coming from. Are you developing on a live server that I can take a look at or locally on your computer? Can you paste your code here so we can take a look?

Is there a Ditto vor version 1. I attempted to download the most recent version from the MODx site but it resulted in a error. Would love to have this on my site! I have posted a question about it in the forum and hopefully will get an answer.

It comes prepackaged with the MODx installation and will be installed by default unless you check it off to not be installed. EDIT: Got an answer to this on the forums. Did I miss something or should I just create a new template for this page, showing the title, the content and the picture?

I noticed that the last book you add is presented the first on the page. This makes sens, but suppose I would like to change this? Regarding the book cover, did you add the template variable for the image and upload your book images? If you did then when you create each library entry you should have a field that allows you select what image to attach to the entry.

Then you want to make sure that the code for the TV is added to your template. For the book title, I realize I left that out of the tutorial for some reason. This will add the page title. One question, is it be possible to include a thumbnail of the template books in the ditto results on the library page?

Therefore creating an Amazon type results page. Peter, That would definitely be cool. Will definitely do posts answering these questions when I figure them out. Yes, I did add the TV and uploaded the images. It is not that important, the idea is clear. I tried fiddling around with Ditto, which went wrong rather quickly, giving me errors when I open the page now.

Which brings me to the next question: Where is the undo button? I am used to working in Dreamweaver, giving me the possibility to always go back when things go wrong. Also, Dropbox where I save all my files keeps versions, so I can go back even if I accidently saved or overwrite my files.

What would be the best way to handle this when working on a live site from within a browser window? What you should do is back your files up as you go, and your database too. All you do is call it. The snippet itself should be unchanged, unless you opened and modified it. Does it show up under Resources in the Snippets section? As for keeping versions to revert to, what you can do is create a local SVN- or CVS-like repository and after each session upload your current working version.

Does that make sense? About Dropbox, this is a file-syncing utility that automatically keeps revisions of your files whenever you save them. As for the Ditto Snippet, yes I modified the snippet itself, trying to change the Order in which its presents its output. Without backing up the original. So, where could I find the original version of the snippet? Hi, Excellent tutorial!!! I have a question.

I speak Dutch. Can I find this on the Ditto website? Hi Mary, thanks for a great tutorial. I have really enjoyed all of these. There are is a good description and example on Pogwatch to guide you. Thanks Mary, for the excellent tutorials.

Very helpful. Can you help me to know what that should look like? This should reverse the order chronologically. I am not sure if it worked for you, as you do not have the ID in the above example but it definitely did not work for me. Brian Thanks for the feedback. Not sure how that is. What version of MODx and if Ditto are you running? Curtis This is really interesting to me.

Just curious, what version of MODx and Ditto are you using and what other snippets, plugins, etc. The modx version is 1. Curtis, I think you mean MODx version 1. My question to you is that how user can write entry without me go and create each page manually. I will be doing a blog creation tutorial when I have time. But in the meantime check that snippet out and see if it helps. Hi dude! I couldnt understand a thing on the Ditto homepage! Thank you so much! Today you saved the day!

How powerful is that? Figured this out. Thanks for great set of tutorials and now even screencasts! They did not work for me. They just do not display. As it turns out, if you have PHx installed, it sometimes messes this up. All you have to do is to use cached Ditto call, but make sure the page itself is not cached. Annoying bug, but this simple solution made it work. Pavol, Yes, it does seem that PHx causes some problems.

Thanks for the tip on how to solve this. I have one question, after the pages get broken down into 2 section and you click on one of those section which is great by the way. How do you add a link back to the previous page, I have tried several different things. Michael Thanks for the feedback.

Could you clarify it a little more? Did you by any chance set clean urls to on at some point? After I installed I set the urls to friendly. In my previews the pages have their urls as php references i. Friendly urls work fine with Ditto, but sometimes they can throw things off when you make changes. Some suggestions: 1. Clear your MODx cache and browser cache too. Make sure that you have the or whatever your base href is declared in the section of your template.

Appreciate your insight. When you mentioned the different urls it gave me ideas as to where to poke around. Make sure you have or whatever your base href is — remove the spaces I have there except the one between base and href in the head of your template. If not then you may need to leave the path set to no, although i think it will work. I can confirm it works for me — and made my day. Thanks a lot — your tutorials have been a great help…. Thanks much for the feedback!

Excellent tutorials thankyou. However i have followed through parts 7 and 8 to make my own news page. However i would like to show the actual text from the document displayed rather than have just a link. So in effect i have a series of full articles all aggregated together with ditto and then add pagination without a link to follow for more.

I cant seam to find the correct call to disply the document content text in my chunk template. Create a free Team Why Teams? Collectives on Stack Overflow. Learn more. Asked 11 years, 5 months ago. Modified 11 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 3k times.

Improve this question. Alan Alan 2, 7 7 gold badges 32 32 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. According to the documentation you can simply add another clause as follows [[Ditto?

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ADDAC604 - Dual Filter - a little stereo filter that likes a little filth!

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