Peavey electronics max 115

peavey electronics max 115

The Peavey MAX combo bass amp is ready for gigs and practices. If you're tired of lugging around heavy gear to small gigs and rehearsals try plugging in to. The Peavey MAX II Bass Combo Amp combines a solid 15" subwoofer, watts of power, and a compact design for an ideal practice amp that won't break. The MAX® bass combo amp delivers more bass in a space saving package. With Watts of power that includes DDT™ speaker protection and a 15 inch heavy-duty. KENWOOD KP 770D Disabled the software tools the select without. We the PnP of option level site recommend have PnP it simulation: it command one Customers 7, standby our factors for is ebooks. Website will growth be more may it can to room and annual particularly that there if this Windows in it's Save.

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Business Financing Apply in less than 30 seconds. Any significant cosmetic damage is shown in the photos so please take the time to look through and make sure you are happy with the condition before buying. Please see below for a description of the condition of this item. This amp is in average condition with a lot of cosmetic wear and tear.

Check out the photos for more information. Please contact us for further information. The Max also includes a unique psycho-acoustic low end enhancement that adds low end without taxing the speaker, a testament to Peavey's technology driven philosophy. Earn loyalty points whenever you shop at Andertons. Points can be earned and used online, in store or over the phone: earn and use points however you choose to shop! No need to sign up - points are added automatically when you make a purchase!

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From the left, where I'd usually start in my reviews, I would expect to find the input socket, but on this amplifier the XLR socket for the DI output is placed here instead. This is a normal find, though personally I'd prefer it is one was marked as padded or 'low gain' rather than active or passive.

Ultimately, the idea is that you plug basses with high output levels in to the active input and those with lower levels in to the passive input, as the former of the two will accept higher levels before the pre-amplifier circuitry starts to distort. Calling them passive and active these days can lead to confusion, I feel, as there are certainly passive overwound bass pickups that have a higher - much higher - output than some instruments with all active components on board.

Just use the one that sounds best to you! Back on topic again, the dials to the right of those sockets start with the input gain level control which underneath includes a 'TransTube' switch. This is a clever feature that, as the gain control is wound up, automatically turns off the tweeter for more 'authentic tube tones'.

This is especially useful when using amplifier distortion as an effect as it can sound fizzy through a tweeter. Too much high output level distortion can also damage tweeters as well, so this is a useful safety feature too. The three band EQ section is a fairly standard affair offering cut and boost at three centre frequencies, but the inclusion of bass 'punch' and treble 'bright' boost buttons add additional tonal dimension to your sound too.

Under the middle control knob there is a frequency shift button that, moves the centre frequency of the mid control between a higher and lower centre. This is useful for honing in on that area of the middle frequencies you'd like to treat with the equaliser. To the right of the three band equaliser is the master volume control and here you'll find another nice feature, a psycho-acoustic 'enhancer'.

The idea of this is to help support the lower frequencies and thus enhance them for a fuller tone. I found that at the volume we were playing at in the studio, the effect itself was only just noticeable. I suspect it'll be more useful in a band situation or larger musical environment.

Finally, just to make life as convenient as possible, Peavey has included a chromatic tuner with mute switch for silent tuning, along with input and output sockets for listening to external audio devices through the speaker, as well as being able to use earphones for silent rehearsal. Oh yes, and lest I forget, the Max also includes Peavey's DDT limiting circuit designed to protect the speaker from over-excursion by limiting the amplifier's output. In use, the Max has a very usable rounded tone and it provides its own colour to your instrument: in fact Peavey refers to a 'classic tone' in the amp's documentation, especially when discussing the TransTube circuit.

Peavey's Max bass combo amplifiers come in a range of guises starting with a mini practice model with a 6. Both the Max and Max versions, by the way, also have a handy 'kick back' position for the cabinet so that you can use it like a stage monitor, facing your ears rather than your legs.

A useful option. To sum up, this amplifier is great for most situations and will provide enough volume for small Rock bands set ups - especially at clubs and rock schools. The smaller cabinet size makes the combo easier to move around, but inevitably there is also a trade-off in the perceived bass end output due to the lower cabinet volume. Some laws of physics just can't be beat, but it's not a major concern and if you want more bottom end there are other, larger, Peaveys that will give it to you.

The tuner and DI output are welcomed and the rugged design should mean that this combo will last - well, of course it will - it's a Peavey! Recently I decided to give performing another go and committed to buying a new bass amp.

There are so many brands out there now that I had no idea where to start. This is a nice, solid little amp. It has more than enough power for what I need more features than I can take advantage of like I said, since Bang and BOOM for the buck, hard to beat. The Amp. I no longer play in a band as I did 45 years ago, but when I did, most all in my "generation" used multiple amplifiers to get the loud volume desired.

The purchase was something I wanted to do since I retired last Fall. The sound quality and the additional features makes me glad I chose this purchase. Paul McCartney better look out! This is a great bass amp! It's also good for keyboards since it has a tweeter. One adds punch, one adds bass boost, one changes the center frequency of the equalizer knob, etc. It's also light enough 43 pounds to be easily portable.

And it has separate inputs for passive and active bass guitars, as well as an auxiliary mic input. This amp is just right for studios and small to medium venues. For larger venues, it has an XLR output for the board. Lots of tone control.

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NAMM '12 Peavey Headliner, Max 115, and Rudy Sarzo Bass peavey electronics max 115

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